corlang (my toy language) is coming along. It's basically an enhanced version of C. (It compiles its code to C, which can then be compiled with gcc / clang). corlang adds functions to structures (like c++ classes). corlang supports references, and constructors / destructors. corlang allows imbedded c-code "@c_code { c_code_to_embed; }" corlang allows c-headers to be specified. "#c_header " the #use "some.clc" directive allows 'including' of other .clc code files. (multiple use's of the same file will result in the file being parsed and included only one time. corlang processes expressions, adding temp variables, this_ pointers if needed, and an error class reference (transparent to the user). corlang supports varargs (later I may add optional type-checking).

I have already started a graphics library written in corlang. (very basic right now, it allows opening windows and creating compatible bitmap types to allow drawing onto those windows.).

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